About 'The Palmer & Partners 500 Club'

We are excited to tell you that after a lot of thought and planning Palmer & Partners is now launching its own charity ‘The Palmer & Partners 500 Club’.
 The 500 Club is a subscription-based idea. We are aiming to sign up at least 200 individuals to pay a minimum of £2.50 a month (or annually at least £30) thus accruing £500 per month. Each month a different local worthy cause, nominated by the club members and chosen by committee members will receive £500. We are not looking to support big charities but local youth centres, playgroup, families, anything and anyone really where £500 would make a huge difference. Club Members can expect that every penny of their money will reach the chosen causes, they will have an open invitation to nominate a cause in their area and receive a monthly newsletter with news of who has benefited. All this for £2.50 a month, the same price as a cup of coffee!

Palmer and Partners estate agents are proud to offer this to the community and want to start supporting others who are less fortunate, and are in need.

We would appreciate your support in our new venture and should you feel it appropriate to share this idea with friends and colleagues please do so. The more members in our club, the more we can help our own communities.

For more information and to subscribe to be a member please access this through the 500 Club tag or on our website palmerpartners500club.org or palmerpartners.com