Club 500 - Supporting Local Charities

Published: 05/09/2021

This month our attention was drawn to the difficult subject of domestic abuse when one of our committee members was contacted by an Ipswich based social worker.  A young, single mother of 3 young children, one with additional needs, had been in desperate need of safe and secure accommodation which social services was able to provide for them.  However, as she has very little funds and is literally starting from scratch without any family support there are plenty of basic essentials she just can't provide for herself and her children.
Domestic abuse is a sad reality in our society, cases have soared during the pandemic and whilst men are just as vulnerable to abuse as women it a horrific statistic that 2 women are killed  by their partner a week in England and Wales alone with an estimation of a further 3 committing suicide as a direct result of their abuse.
Whilst The 500 Club can't change the world we live in, we can make things a little better for this young Mum striving to keep herself and her children safe.  We have  purchased a new oven and kitchen essentials for her new home.