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Published: 31/08/2022

MANUP - Male mental health support
Three times as many men as women sadly die by suicide and it is the leading cause of death of men under 50. The gender stereotype that men should be strong instead of talking about their emotions, which may be seen as a sign of weakness, may be the reason behind the many undiagnosed and untreated cases of mental health problems among men.
The Manup mental health awareness charity, promotes men's talking by displaying stories, having conversations, and discussing solutions in different ways.  It challenges the term 'man up' by encouraging men to be brave by speaking to someone rather than keeping silent and struggling.
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For over 12 years, The Ipswich Baby Bereavement Group has supported families during and after the loss of a baby. The support a family receives after such a tragic, life changing event can be pivotal to their journey through the grief.
The groups meet to provide friendship and understanding in an informal atmosphere, which encourages open and honest conversation, sharing experiences and the day to day coping mechanisms of grief. This is especially relevant around landmark dates in the year.
I have contacted the group and they plan to use our donation to purchase items for the refurbishment of their family room.  This is a dedicated room where families have their babies and spend time with them making precious memories. The group plans to replace furniture, soft furnishings, flooring and bathroom fittings to make it a comfortable and homely space.