Club 500 - Supporting Local Charities

Published: 07/02/2022

Our first donation of 2022 goes to Inclusion Ventures, a charity based in Jaywick which set up a drop in centre in 2002 on The Percy King Estate when it became obvious that the young people there needed support.  At that time youth crime was high and due to outreach work there was a realisation that young people felt excluded which only exacerbated anti-social behaviour.

The specialised staff at Inclusion Ventures understand the challenges and issues faced by young people and offer them a safe and trusted environment where they have access not only to fun activities but emotional, educational and  specialised support should they need it.  In addition to this the group runs Bike Kitchens in Jaywick and Clacton where the local community can visit  to learn new skills based around fixing and maintaining bikes, promoting an inexpensive and healthy mode of transport

This week I spoke to one  of the leaders who was thrilled to have been nominated.  She has decided to share the news with the young people there and ask for suggestions on what they would like us to purchase for them. So, I will keep you updated on how your donation is being spent.