500 Club - Supporting local charities

Published: 12/11/2020

Octobers donation - Ella's Fight

As we move into our second lockdown, it's clear that this awful virus is challenging our amazing NHS, not only to care for those suffering with COVID-19 but for those people already battling existing medical conditions. When Daniel Keen contacted me from our Sudbury office to tell me of Ella Wolff, a local young woman who is bravely fighting cancer who now has added obstacles (see links below) in order to receive treatment that could save her life, it felt heart-breaking. Ella and her family are now left to fund her own treatment and as you will see from the top link below their campaign is gaining momentum although they have some way to go. When The 500 Club Committee met in October it was a unanimous decision to support 'Ella's Fight'
Ella is Currently recovering from her first bout of treatment and having spoken to her sister, who is exceptionally grateful for our donation, I have passed on all our best wishes to Ella.