Club 500 - Supporting Local Charities

Published: 30/09/2021

Thanks to the incredibly generous donation of £500 from The Raring to Row team we are able to make 2 donations this month, the first of which is The Colchester CAP Debt Centre.

The Colchester CAP Debt Centre is an independent charity, set up in March 2013 with the objective of helping to relieve poverty in Colchester through advice to people who have lost control of their finances on account of spiralling debt.

They do this by:
  • Taking a full picture of a client’s finances
  • Providing the client with a budget to stick to and a route out of debt
  • Stepping in between creditors and clients – clients pay into a CAP Plan and CAP negotiate with creditors on their behalf
  • Provide support through this journey from a huge team of befrienders and volunteers.
For more information on the debt centre click the. button below in the meantime here is a message from the Chair of Trustees, Jonathan Ewbank.
"What lovely news. We are very grateful to Palmer & Partners for this donation so please pass on our thanks to the trustees of the 500 fund. I can tell you exactly what it will be spent on. We are soon to appoint a new debt coach, ready to start on January and she will help us to bring down our waiting times for client meetings, which is currently at over 8 weeks, now that we are getting back to meeting clients again in their own homes (or at third party locations). Each debt coach needs a laptop with the right specification and we are about to acquire one which happens to be for almost exactly £500 ! So that is what your kind donation will cover, helping our new debt coach to be properly equipped when she starts in January and ready to help those in Colchester who need our help to solve problem debt".

Suffolk Animal Rescue was set up in 1997 by Jayne Roberts. She feels passionately that all dogs and cats irrespective of their breed or cost implications for rehabilitation should receive the help they need and a good prospect of rehoming.  We have all seen the news reports on how the demand for puppies and kittens have soared since the beginning of the pandemic, sadly this has a knock on effect with pet rescue and rehoming centres.  I know our donation will make a huge difference to Jayne, her team and all the animals she cares for.
Jayne is currently compiling a shopping list of items for us to purchase and I'll feedback to you in our next newsletter how we helped.