A guide to Historical Colchester

Colchester is recorded as the oldest town in Britain, once considered a city, and the capital of England. It is steeped in history, but how much do you know about the town you live in? Or maybe thinking of moving to.

The Romans were thought to have invaded Britain in 43 BC and began their reign and empire in Britain. Around 60AD, the famous Queen Boudica of Iceni, who rebelled against the new rules of Britain, attacked the city of Colchester, destroying many areas causing the Romans to build a wall that still partly survives today. It was originally over 2800m long and 6m high! To read more about the Roman wall and where it was located, follow this link.  

As well as this, we have the infamous Colchester Castle which was originally built by the Normans after their victory at The Battle of Hastings.  The Normans built the castle over the ruined Roman Temple of Claudius that had survived from the Roman empire. The castle was also used as a prison in the 13th century, where it is said that the prisons were kept in disgusting conditions. If you have been to the castle before, this can hardly come as a surprise! We certainly wouldn't want to be locked up in there. The castle is a popular destination for school trips and is always thoroughly enjoyed by all. There is also a museum providing more information about the castle and Colchester which is situated in the picturesque Castle Park. Somewhere that is very popular in the Spring and Summer months. The park itself is free to enter and is brilliant for families. In the summer, a food and drink festival is also held there for two days in June which sees hundreds of local businesses selling their products to the thousands of visitors.

Another thing Colchester is famous for is the native oyster, most commonly found on Mersea Island. Mersea is a village of around 8,000 people situated around 10 miles from Colchester town centre and is becoming increasingly popular each year. One of the reasons the Island has so many visitors is because of the muddy marshlands which are home to millions of oysters. The native oyster has been around for centuries - even dating back to Roman times. It is even said that the Romans claimed that the only good thing to come out of Britain was the oyster! We have no idea how true that is, but sometimes, it's nice not knowing everything - it's something we can draw our own conclusions from.

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