Average house prices in Colchester.

Buying a house is the most important decision you’re ever likely to make - and the most expensive one. It’s a long process, which can sometimes end in disappointment, but it is also the biggest high you will have. The whole process can be a contradiction, and a series of cliches. Once you’re in your new home though, you will feel relieved and happy that you can begin your new chapter. As an estate agents in Colchester, we love the town and would love to be the ones to help you find your dream home and help sell the one you have. We are experts in the field and have a fantastic reputation.

As we’re now in the second month of the year and spring is approaching, you may be thinking about making that elusive move. If you’re a first time buyer, it will be an exciting time for you, and if you’re looking to get a bigger house or downgrade, you will be well aware of the process now. Deciding on the area you want to move, or the town you want to live in often comes down to three things; convenience, location and cost. Sure, we’d all love to live in the “best” area, however, not even half of us earn the amount of money that would be needed in order to live in such areas.

Colchester is a town that is expanding and becoming more popular for people wanting to move here. It’s a great location, only an hour from London on the train, close to Chelmsford and Ipswich, as well as being surround by small, quaint villages and seaside towns. As a result of this, house prices are also on the rise. If you’re used to paying London prices, then Colchester is a bargain, however, if you’re moving into the town, in places, you may be surprised at the cost of some properties.

As a local estate agents, our team know the area extremely well and can advise you on what would be best for your budget and criteria. Typically, houses and flats close to the town centre are generally more expensive than those on the outskirts as they’re more convenient for work and close to the train station.

At Palmer and Partners, we thought it would be beneficial and interesting to put together a guide of the average house prices in Colchester. We have used Zoopla as it’s the most up to date.

  • A detached house in Colchester has an average value of £465,197, but they sell for an average of £412,735, which is a huge difference! 
  • A semi-detached house carries an average value of £296,746, and sell for an average of £285,388.
  • A terraced house has an average value of £251,044, but sell for marginally less at £249,854. This isn’t too much of a difference at all.
  • A flat will carry an average price tag of £176,073 and sell for roughly £170,833.
In Colchester, a first time buyer will pay an average £219,500. This may seem like a lot, however, people are also getting on the property ladder when they have saved more money in order to not live in a lot of debt and ensure they can afford the property before buying it - which is very sensible in our opinion!

If you’re looking to sell your home, or buy your first property, Palmer and Partners is one of the premium estate agents in Colchester and will make the process easier for you! Get in touch with one of expert team today.