Average house prices in Sudbury, Suffolk.

Sudbury is a small town in Suffolk, but is very close to the Essex border. It has a rich history and is close to some stunning, traditional English villages. There are roughly 25,000 people residing in Sudbury and the town is expanding. Property developers are coming in to build on the land on the outskirts as more people than ever are looking to escape to the countryside and experience rural living. The Palmer and Partners Sudbury team live in the area and know it well. They will be able to help and advise you if you’re thinking of moving to Sudbury.

The town of Sudbury and the surrounding villages have their own uniqueness that draw many people to the area and create a desire to live there. Sudbury itself has a certain charm to it and is a traditional weaving town. Although you cannot get a train into London directly from Sudbury, Colchester station is only around a 25 minute drive from the centre and thereafter, it is a 50 minute train journey to Liverpool Street. A small price to pay in order to have a larger property and live in a quieter area.

As a local estate agents in Sudbury, we wanted to put together a rough guide to the average house prices in Sudbury (which will include some surrounding villages). Moving home or buying your first property is a massive decision and it needs to be the right one for your situation. Some people can feel pressure to buy a house of a certain size because other people in either social or professional circles have done so, but everyone has a different situation, financially and personally. It has to be right if not you will regret it. As a guide only, here are the average house prices in the Sudbury area. The information is available on Zoopla.

  • Detached houses sell for an average £418,475, but are valued at £478,420. This is a huge difference, but the actual buying price is extremely reasonable for what you get. 
  • Semi-detached houses sell for roughly £274,768 and have an average value of £288,096.
  • Terraced houses have a higher price tag than that of Ipswich or Clacton, with the average purchase being £227,455 and a market value of £243,468.
  • Flats in Sudbury are sold around £162,031 and have an average value of £157,203.

If Sudbury is somewhere you’re thinking of moving to, get in touch with one of our team today.