Safe Trick and Treating

Wishing you an eerie and spooky Halloween!

If you are thinking of going Trick Or Treating with your family, it can be a fun and safe activity if you follow some safety guidelines. Here are some tips for safe trick or treating -

Plan Ahead  

Plan your route in advance and try to stick to houses and owners you know. Ensure your phone is charged and carry a flashlight or glow stick for visibility.

Costume Safety  

Choose costumes that are easy to see in the dark, or add reflective tape for visibility. Ensure costumes are not too long to prevent tripping. Use non-toxic makeup or face paint instead of masks for better visibility.

Stay in a Group  

Trick-or-treat with a group of friends or family members. Young children should always be accompanied by a trusted adult.

Road Awareness    

Take care to look both ways when crossing the road, stay on the pavements and paths as much as possible. Drivers may not see you, so be cautious when crossing roads and driveways. Make eye contact with drivers to ensure they see you.

Inspect Treats  

Examine all treats before eating. Discard any unwrapped or suspicious items. Be aware of food allergies and sensitivities.

Be Cautious Around Strangers  

Do not enter the homes of people you do not know. Avoid interactions with unfamiliar animals.

Respect Properties  

Do not trample over lawns or damage property. Only visit houses you know or with lights on to signal they are participating in trick or treating - be safe with an adult!

Respect Your Neighbours  

Be polite and respectful of neighbours, and thank them for their treats.

Remember that safety should be a top priority during Halloween, and parents should closely supervise children.

Your Local Agent  

Safety of local families and neighbourhoods are extremely important to Palmer & Partners. We hope you enjoy this time of year and have a SPOOKTACULAR time! 

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