How to Save Energy at Home

Rising costs of energy  

We appreciate how much the rise of energy bills is affecting all of us. It’s never been so important to learn how to save energy at home, with some simple ideas which can make a huge difference.

Have your boiler serviced  

Your boiler should be serviced annually. This will ensure it’s working well and is running efficiently.

Bleed your radiators  

Feel your radiators – are they cool at the top but warm at the bottom? This means there could be trapped air at the top.  Look up how to bleed a radiator, and work your way around your home. This doesn’t take long and will help remove air from your central heating system.

Keep furniture clear of radiators  

Once you’ve bled your radiators and if you have the heating on, make sure your furniture isn’t sitting too close as it will prevent the heat from properly circulating round the room.

If you have an empty room….  

Don’t heat it or turn the radiator on low. It can cut your bill.

Close your curtains   

A considerable amount of heat can be lost through windows, so pull your curtains to prevent heat escaping.

Shower a minute less!  

Cutting your shower time back by a minute can save you money. It’s amazing just how much water we actually use when showering (if you have a power shower, it can be more than a bath!). So if you’re a family of four, you can cut down your energy bills significantly.

Fill your washing machine  

Try and wait, if you can, to run a full load in the washing machine. Fewer washes with more clothes, wastes less energy....

Same with your dishwasher…  

If you have one, wait until you have filled it before you run a cycle and if you have an eco cycle – use it!

Tumble dryers  

If you have a tumble dryer, try and avoid using it as much (if possible). And if you need to use it, invest in a tumble dry ball. These create gaps between clothes and helps reduce drying time.

Turn off your lights  

It might seem obvious, but if you’re not in the room then turn off the light. Also look into swapping to LED bulbs, they use a lot less energy compared to normal bulbs.

Reduce the temperature of your thermostat  

If you can turn it down by 1 degree, running your heating on a lower setting can save you money. Using extra blankets, bed socks and thermal underwear in bed to help keep you warm.

Look in your loft  

And see how much insulation you have. Around 25% of a property’s heat can be lost through the roof, so if you can, add more insulation. Also think about any gaps or drafts there might be around your home and block them.

What else?!  

Do you have any other ideas? Let us know! Spring is just around the corner, we’re hoping for more sunshine and milder days.