For the Love of Scrubs

Published by: Natasha Hughes Sales Administrator

For the Love of Scrubs and more….
We only need to look on social media now to see how fantastic our local communities are all pulling together through COVID-19, various groups have been formed offering services to our local Hospitals and Care homes and people struggling through this pandemic.  At Palmer & Partners we are immensely proud of our charity the 500 club which is a not for profit foundation dedicated to those in need within our community, the idea is simple lets make a big difference with just small change, we have helped various groups since the foundation was set up “Get Colchester covered campaign” helping isolated and vulnerable people to get the essentials they needed, we also donated £50 vouchers to our most nominated frontline workers, Colchester food bank also benefitted from our charity but we aren’t the only business and groups doing our bit to pull communities closer together here are some fantastic groups set up in local areas that deserve a big mention and thanks we are sure all their hard work is of great benefit to the people they are supporting.

For the Love of Scrubs
– There are many groups attached to this in Tollesbury, Lexden and Mersea Island a tiny but fabulous group part of a BIG initiative, people at home making   scrubs and related items for NHS staff and others in need through out surrounding villages a huge effort and thanks go to those donating fabric and sewing hard to get our key workers kitted out to stay safe.
Royal Hospital School Holbrook – What an amazing achievement the schools design and technology department have made and distributed nearly 500 face shields for the NHS, with Mr Ling coming up with a solution to make the assembly stage of production 6 times faster to keep up with demand, there are many schools in Essex & Suffolk taking part in this scheme we are grateful to you all.  

Stephen Walters Silk Mill in Sudbury
. We have some fabric we would like to donate so that people can make their own fabric face masks. We will provide the public mask kits; fabric, elastic and paper pattern pieces, and post them to you. Full instructions can be found online and we will provide the link. Public mask kits will be sent out in sets of four - enough for an average household, or you could pass some on to a neighbour. All you need is a needle and thread and some scissors.The masks are absolutely not clinical / medical grade protection but should reduce your possible transmission to others, and may offer a slightly higher level of protection than wearing no mask at all. This leaves medical grade masks available for our NHS and residential care staff. Certainly they will not replace the need to follow other good hygiene practices (hand washing, no face touching, social distancing etc.)
If you would like a public mask pack sent out to you free of charge please send an email to with your postal address.
We are happy to supply kits to residents of Sudbury and surrounding areas. (If you know of a neighbour or relative who is not on Facebook but would like a kit please confirm with them they are happy for you to pass their address on, and send me their details). 
Please note: this offer is limited to one pack per household. The masks are for personal use only and not for resale.

These are just a handful of local businesses and communities doing their bit to help we would love to hear your stories  feel free to share to and we will include them in our upcoming blogs. We would also like to share with you all our new boards that are making an appearance in and around Essex & Suffolk just to show our appreciation to the NHS for all they are doing for all of us, we hope you enjoy spotting them as much we do !