Getting Ready For Sale

Selling your home  

So, you’ve made the decision to sell your home. What’s next?! Some people see the New Year as the start of something new and coming to the decision to sell your home is a big life change.
Palmer and Partners are here to support you through the process and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to be able to offer you help and guidance along the way.

Take a look around 

Walk around your home and try to see it through the eyes of a potential buyer. It is worth spending some money and time filling any cracks/dents in plaster and touching up paint work, repainting walls, replacing leaky taps, and oiling squeaky doors and cupboards. Wash the inside of your windows.
Thoroughly clean kitchens, including inside of cupboards and declutter worktops. Make sure your white goods are clean and working well. Have any worn sealant replaced in bathrooms, if you can try and store toiletries away, descale shower doors and keep the toilet seat down.
If any light switches are temperamental or you’re not sure if your electrics are up to standard, organise a good local electrician to come out and check.
If you have a garden has the grass been cut, trees and shrubbery trimmed, and weeds cleared? If you are decluttering your house and garden, it might be worth hiring a skip and arranging for all the waste to be disposed of safely.

Kerb Appeal 

Make sure your front door is clean and the lock is working freely. Check your house number is clear and can be seen from the street. If you have a driveway, clean away any moss or grass poking through any brickwork or shingle. When you are expecting any viewers, park so there is a clear walkway to the front of your property.
If you have bins stored at the front (or back) of your home, use a bin store or make sure it’s a tidy and clean area. A front garden should be kept mowed and free of weeds.
Clean your windows, and clear gutters of leaves/debris.


Have a folder ready with all your household documents, including:-
•    Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
•    Gas check certificate by a Gas Safe registered engineer
•    Electrical checks certificate by a registered electrician
•    HM Land Registry title documents
•    Any planning permission documents if you’ve had any work done on your property
•    Buyers may ask to see any recent utility bills to get an idea of costs

Find an Estate Agent 

Look around locally, and find an estate agent with great customer service, good communication and listening skills. Your agent should have expansive local knowledge and a wealth of experience in the industry.
Working in an honest an honest and informative way, look for a firm who has a great track record with previous and current clients, and ones who deal well with other estate agents too.
When looking for an estate agent, find one with great negotiation skills, where staff have a strong work ethic and respect for others. You need someone who is prepared to go the extra mile, who follow up on all enquiries and paperwork as soon as possible.

Palmer and Partners

With Palmer and Partners, whether you are selling for the first time or have sold and bought before or are completely new to the area looking for support with the process – we are here to help!
Our teams have a wealth of knowledge and expert experience locally in Essex and Suffolk, and within the property business. We are friendly and approachable, passionate about our customers and always work professionally.
We look to support you through the process of buying and selling, and keep you informed with up-to-date information on a regular basis.
Please feel free to contact any one of teams in Colchester, Ipswich, and Clacton.
We look forward to hearing from you and to helping you to sell and find your new home.