How to boost the value of your home.

Selling your house means your property is being judged on its looks - something we’re always taught not to do! So, how can you make it more attractive and appealing to potential buyers?

As a premium estate and lettings agent, we wanted to put together a guide for you. That way, you will know what to do to get the most out of your property. Palmer and Partners has branches in Clacton, Colchester, Ipswich and Sudbury. Our expert teams will advise you honestly and professionally. When your property is valued, it will be fair, reasonable and we will also point you in the right direction so you can get a quick sale.

There are 5 main things you can do to add value to your house, and it won’t cost you loads of money!

  1. Outdoors maintenance. Whether you have a big or small outside area, it is vital that it is at least tidy. If you have neglected your garden or patio, it will seriously put potential buyers off. Before putting your house on the market, give it a spring clean. Patio’s need to be clean and clear of any weeds or moss and ensure the lawn has been mowed. Adding little touches will show that your garden is a nice place to spend time and where people can potentially see themselves spending time. If you don’t have ‘green fingers’, buy potted plants to make it look pretty. They’re inexpensive to pick up, particularly if you use local shops, but they will make a huge difference to the aesthetics of your property. Lastly, first impressions are usually made within the first 30 seconds of going to view a property. Have some hanging baskets as it will make your home seem appealing and welcoming. 
  2. Have neutral colours. While it may seem a good idea to paint your children’s room dark red or bright pink with a princess theme, it will turn potential buyers off. Before putting your house on the market, we highly recommend you decorating. Neutral colours are perfect as people can go down any route with that. All furniture will fit in with the decor and your potential buyers will be able to visualise themselves in that space. If you don’t have much natural light, give your house a cosy atmosphere with some candles and bright lights situated in the right places. Show off your space, whether it is big or small. Bring some colour into your house with house plants, fresh flowers, photographs. Try to avoid having too many, particularly ones that hang on the wall. This is because if the family moving in don’t tend to have photographs hanging on the wall, they will have to fill in the holes and paint over them, causing them a job as soon as they move in! Be as minimalistic as you can and your property will soon sell.
  3. DIY - do those small jobs. We all do it, put off those small, ‘I’ll do it at the weekend’ jobs. But, getting those repair jobs completed will leave your buyers with little to complain about. Before you have any viewers, ensure that any damaged things in the house have been repaired such as leaky taps, loose wires, dodgy light fixings or chipped paintwork or ripped wallpaper. These small jobs will make the world of difference to your potential buyers. If people see ‘little’ jobs that need doing when they view your house, it will put them off as it will make them wonder what else you haven’t done or what problems there may be beneath the surface! Looking after your property, will ensure good feedback and returns.
  4. De-clutter. Some people are hoarders by nature, but we strongly recommend having a tidy home. If there are items in your home that make it appear cluttered, our advise is to either donate them to charity, or if you’re intent on keeping them, put them into storage until you have moved into your new home. You need to show off your space. You simply cannot do that if every surface has something on it! Make your space look as big as possible. If you have a particular small room, have bright fabrics and mirrors. It will enlarge the space and appear more roomy.
  5. Finally, always have a clean kitchen and bathroom. This may seem like an obvious thing to say but these are the two rooms that all buyers will expect to be spotless. Each time you have a viewer, give both of these rooms a thorough, deep clean. There’s nothing worse than moving in to a new home and the first thing you have to do is clean the kitchen cupboards before putting anything in them! The same with the bathroom. Ensure that there are no water marks around the bath, the toilet and sink are spotless and you have clean, fluffy towels on display. Yes, your house is lived in, but you need to make it look like a show home. Your potential buyers will want to see it at its best. You want them to know straight away they want your property for themselves. 
The list isn’t long, but we can guarantee it will help. Our expert team will advise you at every step of the way and they know what potential buyers will be looking for.

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