Ipswich - average house prices in the area.

As a premium estate agents in Ipswich, Palmer and Partners understand that making the decision to either move house, or buy your first home is huge. It’s a lifetime commitment and is expensive. However, on the flip side, it can also be powerful and give you and your family a sense of security. If you’re already a homeowner, you will feel a certain sense of pride. It’s not easy getting on the property ladder. Some people save for years, others may be more fortunate and are gifted money, but we all know, it’s not as simple as getting your deposit together and that’s it. There are many layers when it comes to buying a house and our expert team are available to guide you along each step of the way.

Ipswich, similarly to Colchester, is growing rapidly and due to the excellent amenities in the town, property here is sought after more than ever. The latest developments have brought areas of Ipswich into the 21st century and it is a thriving place to be. There are fantastic travel routes in and out of the town, with London Liverpool Street only an hour and 15 minutes away via train.

But what about house prices in the area? Every town and city will have certain areas that cost more or less to live in, and not everyone will be able to afford the more expensive ones, if not they wouldn’t exist! Palmer and Partners is all about finding the right home for you. Wanting to live in a more expensive area is something that you can work towards in the future, but cost and size are not detrimental in finding the perfect home. Your needs and your family’s needs are what matter. Purchasing a home is stressful. Location has to be right, the size of certain rooms has to be right, living near the perfect school for your children has to be spot on.

So with this in mind, we have put together a list of the average house prices in Ipswich for detached, semi-detached, terraced houses and flats. Our information is from Zoopla as it is the most up to date database.

  • Detached houses are, on average, valued at around £410,646 in Ipswich, whilst they sell for an average of £384,450.
  • Semi-detached houses are roughly worth £244,527 and sell for £236,562, on average. 
  • Terraced houses are valued at £199,651 but sell for roughly £196,574, which is a smaller gap between the value and actual selling price.
  • Flats will carry an average price tag of £154,442 and sell for £133,439 which is a big gap, but more people are moving away from purchasing apartments and waiting to get the money together to purchase a house, particularly for first time buyers. 

The Palmer and Partners team all live and work in the Ipswich area so they know it well. If you’re looking to move home or you’re a first time buyer, get in touch today to discover how we can help you.