Ipswich - The Pride of East Anglia

Have you recently moved to Ipswich, or thinking about moving to the area? Or maybe, you already live in Ipswich but you don't know much about the history. We wanted to write down a few facts about the town to help you learn more about it.

One of the  most famous things the town is known for is the football club, Ipswich Town FC. It was established in 1878 and they have the nicknames 'The Tractor Boys' largely due to the agricultural nature of the county. The club began life at Broom Hill before moving to its current home, Portman Road in 1884. They established themselves as a professional football team in 1936 and their fiercest rivals are Norwich City who, when they're in the same league, contest the East Anglian derby. Ipswich Town currently play in the third tier of English football, League 1, but are on course to either get automatic promotion or will be in the play offs come the end of the season. Over the course of the club's history, they have had many famous managers, none more so than Sir Bobby Robson. Sir Bobby managed the club between 1969-1982, leading the club to two major trophies; the UEFA cup and the FA cup. Ipswich have since named a stand at Portman Road after their late manager. Whether you're a football fan or not, we fiercely encourage a visit to Portman Road to see the Tractor Boys in action!

You might be interested to know that Ipswich is the oldest Anglo-Saxon town in England and has a strong heritage. There are surviving Tudor buildings in the town which add to its rich history and culture. Weaving wool was the town's main trade during the medieval period with many of the few thousand who occupied the town, partaking in this work. During this period, markets became a popular thing, something that still occurs today!

"Ipswich was permanently settled in the 7th century as a trading port, taking advantage of the River Orwell's good navigation links to the sea. Its riverside location made it perfectly situated for ocean-going trade with Germany and overland trade within East Anglia. During the Saxon period it was a centre for weaving, and developed into a large and prosperous town, supporting its own mint. The very location that made Ipswich such a good trading port also made it vulnerable to Viking attack. The Danes occupied the town from AD 869 - 917". We found this a very interesting fact as it is not a town we would necessarily associate with having a working and trading port. To read about this further, just follow this link.

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