Kernos Centre

Thank you to Karen Smout, our Palmer & Partners 500 Club member who nominated The Kernos Centre in Sudbury for December's donation, the 500 Club Committee felt this a poignant time to help this charity with so many people struggling at Christmas .  The Kernos Centre is a small charity which has been operating since 2003 and who support vulnerable adults and young people in the local area of Sudbury and the surrounding villages to help local people to be heard and to work with their problems and regain their health and wellbeing.  Our donation will help provide counselling to local people in need, who cannot get help on the NHS, nor afford to contribute towards the cost of their counselling, but still desperately need help.
Christine Boatwright, the Clinical Director of The Kernos Centre commented "The local need and demand for our service is much greater now than when we first opened in 2003. Kernos received 449 referrals this year.  134 for children and young people, of which 44 were of primary school age.  We are currently providing 80 face-to-face counselling sessions per week I do believe we are the 'net beneath the net' for so many vulnerable people in our local community. We passionately believe in providing equal access to all.  That is why the Kernos Centre was formed and why we still exist today.
Many thanks to all our generous Club Members who are really making a difference and if you would like more information on how to become a '500 Club Member' and make a difference yourself please do not hesitate to contact