Sudbury - another famous wool weaving empire in East Anglia.

Sudbury is a small town in Suffolk, just beyond the Essex border. It is a small market town and is surrounded by beautiful, English countryside. It is becoming an increasingly popular area for people who want to move there as it combines the rural and urban, with bigger towns close by, as well as access to A roads and rail lines. It is also the birthplace of Thomas Gainsborough, who provided John Constable inspiration. Constable was born near Flatford in East Bergholt and became famous for his landscape paintings.

Sudbury is set in the Stour Valley and dates back to the Anglo-Saxon times. Similar to Ipswich, it has a history of being heavily involved in wool weaving. Nearby towns such as Lavenham, were booming during the Anglo-Saxen period because of the wool trade. Lavenham is still a very popular village today, with many people visiting every year to see the historic buildings, history of the wool industry, and to enjoy the delicious tea-rooms. Sudbury is surrounded by quintessential villages and towns which are a huge selling point for those wanting to move into the area. The river Stour upon which Sudbury lies, was once used as a main transport route into London meaning the town had a lot of wealth during the Anglo-Saxon period.

As mentioned Thomas Gainsborough was a famous artist of the 18th century. Interestingly, he was the son of a wool manufacturer - something he chose not go into and to follow his passion for art. Gainsborough, unlike Constable, was a portrait artist, before using his birthplace for his muse years later. He was extremely popular and held in high-regard meaning he had many clients because of his use of rich colours and careful brush strokes. Although he had produced many portraits, his true love was painting the landscape that surrounded him. He was also a founding member of the Royal Academy. If you’ve visited Sudbury and the Stour Valley before, you will understand why the landscape was his preferred subject! It is stunning in its simplicity. 

Although Sudbury is a small town, it has a wonderful mix of the new and the old. As well as contemporary restaurants and pubs, there is still evidence of the traditional market town that was a thriving economy in the 8th century.

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