The best restaurants in Ipswich for the perfect Valentine's meal.

With it being Valentine’s Day tomorrow, we thought it would be good to write down a few of our favourite restaurants and places we think would be perfect for a great Valentine’s night out. This year, Valentine’s lands on a Friday which is perfect for most people. You can go out, enjoy yourself and not have to worry about getting up for work the next day!

Ipswich is a thriving town and has been modernised over the past few decades. It is a popular destination to go on a night out or for a nice meal. One of the most popular areas in the town is the Quay. The University campus is situated near here and as there is a good variety of bars and restaurants, many choose to spend their evening here as it means they don’t have to traipse around town looking for somewhere they want to go. Although this post is for Valentine’s recommendations, we would like to think you could go to these restaurants at any point of the year and still have an amazing time!

Palmer and Partners is a premium, independent estate and lettings agents situated at the heart of Ipswich. We also have branches in Colchester, Clacton and Sudbury. Our expert team all live in the area and have a huge love for the town. They know it well and know all of the best places to go. As a busy and diverse town, there are a number of cuisines to choose from and we have tried to be varied with the restaurants we have picked. 

  1. Mariners restaurant. This classic, authentic, French restaurant makes the top of the list. Not only has it got a rich history, it’s on a boat! It’s a gorgeous, romantic setting and is the perfect place to go as a couple. It’s a fantastic restaurant to try at any time because of the location and the food they serve. It is extremely good value and is one of the top restaurants in Ipswich. The typical menu includes meat, fish and vegetarian options, so there’s bound to be something there you enjoy! It really is a stunning place to go and we highly encourage you to do so. 
  2. Takayama. This authentic Japanese restaurant is rising in popularity. Japanese food is varied, often with many vegetarian or fish options. Their menu is massive and that’s what makes it a good place to go. You can choose on many dishes whether you want them to be spicy or not.
  3. The Waterfront Bistro. Third on the list is this relaxed, comfortable bistro. There is something for everyone here and is always a winner. Their menu is full of mouth-watering options and everything is cooked to perfection. Everything is reasonably priced and the food is extremely succulent. Located in the heart of Ipswich, it is a popular destination, particularly for couple as it is a very romantic setting.
  4. The Grill at Twenty 5. Coming in at number 4 is The Grill at Twenty 5. A place where taste and quality match, without the hefty price tag. All of the ingredients are sourced locally where possible and it is down to earth, home style cooking. This restaurant is welcoming, friendly and homely. It is a great place to relax, enjoy a nice meal and have a few drinks, especially on a Friday night after a long week at work.
  5. The Vegetarian Red Lion. The only one on our list that is located on the outskirts of Ipswich. However, this family run business is a must-visit, even for the biggest meat-eaters. Their menu is full of foodie delights and would tempt a caveman! The weekends are extremely popular, particularly as veganism is on the rise! Supporting small businesses such as this one is something that is close to our hearts and we urge you to do the same. 
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