500 Club 4th Anniversary

Published: 24/11/2023

4th Anniversary Party  

It was a fantastic night filled with an overwhelming sense of community spirit as the Palmer & Partners 500 Club celebrated their 4th anniversary with supporters, beneficiaries, and the committee. The Colchester office was full of excitement as everyone arrived to mark this incredible milestone, and honour the collective efforts of all those involved.

500 Club  

Debbie Humphrey set up The 500 Club four years ago, with a view to supporting as many local charities and causes as possible. In the past four years The 500 Club has donated over £47,000! which is a huge achievement - one Debbie and the committee are extraordinarily proud of.

Thank you for your support  

The 500 Club couldn't do this without the unwavering support of their members and sponsors -THANK YOU!!

Here's to the future    

Looking ahead, The Palmer & Partners 500 Club are exciting to continue to make a meaningful difference. If you would like to become a member, please visit our webpage to find out more HERE.