500 Club Boozy Bingo Night Ipswich

Published: 08/10/2023


Palmer & Partners 500 Club raised an amazing £2,000 (with the additional support of anonymous donor toping up the impressive £1,290 on the night) for local Suffolk based boy, Damian Gray. The Boozy Bingo night was held on Thursday 5th October 2023 at the Three Wise Monkeys, Lloyds Avenue, Ipswich.

Damian Gray  

Six year old Damian was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma, a rare and complex type of cancer that affects the bones or tissues surrounding them just last year. He lives with his mum Bethany and family in Ipswich. Despite his tough battle with the disease Damian continues to live life to the fullest and is an inspiration to those around him.

It is Damian’s dream to share a family holiday to Butlins with his lovely mum Bethany, and their family for Christmas. The 500 Club wanted to help Damian and his family get there!

On the night  

The P&P 500 Club 'Boozy Bingo' had a fantastic turnout - to which the 500 Club are very grateful - and Damian’s mum Bethany bravely spoke at the event.

Charlie Humphrey and John Palmer reprised their roles as Host and Grand Bingo Caller respectively. With Debbie Humphrey, Chair and Founder of the 500 Club, and committee members supporting the event.

Thank You  

Bethany was overwhelmed with the £2,000 raised, together with the support from Debbie, the committee and everyone who attended on the night.  

Thank you to everyone involved for their wonderful generosity in supporting Damian to achieve his dream to share a family holiday at Butlins.

Watch this space!  

The next event will be announced in the near future....and if you'd like to join the 500 Club and help support others please do get in touch.