500 Club visit Wellies On


Wellies On received a 500 Club nomination at the end of last year, and we were really pleased to have recently been able to visit the farm. We met the team and were taken on a tour round with some of the local children who attend weekly. It is obvious how passionate they feel about the farm, see all their amazing animals (photo - Humphrey the pigmy goat stole the heart of Alfie Humphrey!) and how much support they give the local community.

Wellies On  

Wellies On are based in Abberton, and the staff there run a care farm with occupational therapists. They support children and adults from all different backgrounds via referrals from schools, colleges, and social services.  They have the farm and are also able to arrange pop up/flat pack farms if it is difficult for an individuals or groups to get to them. They are a community interest company, and rely on donations to help so were thrilled at the items we gifted them from their Amazon wish list. They said given the harder Winter months, when there is more challenging weather to be able to progress with building work and repairs, just how much our gifts meant to them. They said our visit was like the icing on the cake!

Palmer & Partners 500 Club  

The 500 Club are proud to continue supporting these amazing local organisations, through your nominations and our funding raising events. It's amazing to see just what a difference £500 can make, and how much joy it can give to everyone involved.  

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